8-Ball Foul Rules Clarification

Contacting the Opponent's Object Ball


Last time I was playing 8 ball I encountered the following scenario: I called a shot and pocketed the cue ball. Afterwards, the cue ball contacted the opponent's ball and pocketed it right before pocketing the called ball. In short, my opponent's ball dropped into a pocket before mine did. Was a foul committed on my part?


Yes. In 8 ball pool it is considered a foul to have the cue ball first contacts the opponent's object ball. In other words, to commit a legal shot in 8 ball, one must hit a ball of his group of balls first.



I've looked through your rules and still couldn't find a solution to my problem, and my friend has been nagging me for awhile, so�

I shot the cue ball, it hits my ball and it went into the called pocket and then the cue ball rolled and hit one of his balls in, would that make me lose my turn?


Yes. In order to complete a legal shot, the cue ball must hit one of your group of balls.


My friend and I were playing a game of 8 ball pool. She hit her ball with the cue ball, but the back lash of that hit knocked my ball in a pocket before her object ball went in a pocket.

Was it a foul for her to hit my ball in a pocket before her own ball went into a pocket?


No; as long the cue ball hit her ball first, the shot is legal.

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