Steve Davis

Steve Davis has dominated professional snooker throughout the 1980s. During that decade, Steve Davis was ranked number one for 7 seasons and won in 6 World Championships. Although his achievements have slowed down since then, at 50, Steve Davis is still ranked at the world's top 15 snooker players.

Steve Davis Influence on Snooker

Just like his namesake, Joe Davis, Steve Davis is one of the most influential players in the sports. If the former had been winning in almost every major snooker event in the 1930s, the latter took almost every notable title during the 1980s, including 6 World Championships. If Joe Davis is credited for establishing the World Snooker Championship, Steve Davis brought the fame and the fortune to snooker.

Steve Davis Nicknames

While many of his colleagues' were busy making headlines, Steve Davis remain cool and even emotionless on and off the snooker table. His nonflammable nature as well as his red-headed look gave him nicknames such as "The Nugget", "The Ginger Magician" and the somehow ironic alias "Interesting". In the world of professional pool, Steve Davis is known as "Romford Slim", the antonym of the legendary pool player Rudolph Wanderone aka "Minnesota Fats".

Steve Davis & Pool

Like some of his fellow snooker pros, Steve Davis had turned to in some stage of his snooker career. Never quit playing snooker, Davis's achievements in the 9-ball pool circuit included the 2000 World Pool Championship and runner up at the 2001 World Pool League. Steve Davis was also part of the European team in several Mosconi Cup events and was responsible for two of their most unforgettable wins in 1995 and 2002.

Steve Davis & Online Pool

Most recently, Steve Davis has teamed up with the software engineers of the online pool website "PoolStars". Following Davis' transition, Jimmy White, another snooker star, became the mind behind the online pool site "".

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