Stephen Hendry

Who is the best snooker player in the history of the game? According to the authors of The Master of Baize, the answer is Stephen Hendry. The 7 times world champion who has been dominating the English snooker circuit throughout the 1990s, was recently named as the greatest snooker player of all time, better than Joe Davis, Steve Davis, Ronnie O'sullivan and any other top snooker player.

What makes Stephen Hendry the greatest snooker player of all time? Luke Williams and Paul Gadsby, the co-authors of the The Master of Baize rated snooker's best players for their break building, potting, safety play, temperament, bravery and impact. Except for his safety play and impact, Stephen Hendry received the highest grades in all 4 categories.

Stephen Hendry Snooker Play

Stephen Hendry, who begun playing snooker at the age of 12 and within less than a decade won his first world title, is known for his great break building abilities as well as his long potting skill. Due to his rather aggressive playing style, Hendry could never receive the highest grade for safety play. However, is special talent is potting the balls into the middle pocket, even from the tightest angles.

Stephen Hendry Snooker Achievements

Stephen Hendry snooker achievements definitely put him in the top of the list of the world's greatest snooker players. Even as a young amateur player, his achievements were impressive: winning the National U-16 Championship aged 14, becoming the youngest entrant in the World Amateur Championship and more.

Stephen Hendry turned pro in 1985, when he was only 16 years old. He was the youngest player to play snooker professionally, the youngest Scottish Professional champ and in 1990, the youngest World Snooker Champion. During the 1990s, the world of professional snooker was predominated by him. Hendry won 7 world championships, 5 of them in consecutive years, and was ranked number 1 for 9 years until 1999.

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