Ronnie O'sullivan

Ronnie O'sullivan is considered by many as one of the most talented snooker players in the history of the game. Known as The Rocket, Ronnie O'sullivan turned pro at the age of 16, six years after achieving his first century break. His attitude problems did not stop The Rocket from being one of the most popular players in the English snooker world.

Ronnie O'sullivan Early Snooker Career

Ronnie O'sullivan had begun playing snooker at the early age of 7. Born in Wordsley in 1975, he replaced school with a professional snooker career when he was 16 years old. By then, he hand managed to achieve his first century and a 147 maximum break.

O'sullivan received the nickname "The Rocket" after his fast and aggressive playing style. He is also known for his unique ability to play snooker successfully using both of his hands, sometimes even during the same frame.

O'sullivan Snooker Championships

The Rocket was the youngest snooker player to make it to the World Snooker Championship. It was in 1993, and the result was a loss at the first round of the event. O'sullivan first major win took place at the same year, when he defeated Stephen Hendry in the UK Championship.

In 2001, Ronnie O'sullivan had claimed his first World Snooker Championship, after beating John Higgins 18-14. His second world title was reached 3 years later, when O'sullivan beat Graeme Dott 18-8. Following this victory, O'sullivan was ranked no. 1 for the following two years.


Since the beginning of Ronnie O'sullivan snooker career he was involved in several disputes and controversies. In 1996 World Snooker Championship, he insulted his opponent, the Canadian snooker player Alain Robidoux by bragging that he was "playing snooker better with his left hand than Robidoux could with his right".

In the quarter-final match of the 2006 UK Championship, Ronnie O'sullivan left his match against Stephen Hendry at the beginning of the 6th frame. The spectators were compensated by The World Snooker Association with free tickets to the next day matches.

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