Pool Rules Clarification - Q&A;

Pool Table Rules is proud to present the new Q&A; � Pool Rules Clarification section You asked us and our team of pool experts gave the answers answered. Here you can a selection of the wisest, funniest and most challenging questions sent to our mailbox in the past few months.

Every week we receive tons of readers' questions asking us to clarify certain pool games rules, settle disputes and to serve as a pool referee. Up until now, the answers were emailed directly to the asker after consulting with our team of experts. From now on, the most interesting questions, those we believe have public interest will be published in Pool Table Rules under Pool Rules Clarification.

If you have any question, misunderstanding or any other unsolved issue regarding pool game rules, please contact us and our team of experts will contact you back within less than a week. Additionally, if you want to correct any of the given answers, don't hesitate to write us and your comment will be published.

8-Ball Pool Questions

Scratch when Playing the 8-Ball
Jumped Balls when Playing the 8-Ball
Pocketing the 8-Ball with an Object Ball
Scratch after the Break Shot
Calling on Combination Shots
8-Ball Foul and Legal Shots
Combination Shot with the 8-ball
Safety Shots Clarification
Frozen Balls in 8Ball
Legal Shot Clarification
Missing the 8-Ball
8-Ball Rack Misunderstanding
Open Table Confusion
Call Shot Clarification
Cue Ball in Hand
Split Shot
Straight in Shot in 8Ball
Playing Pool by the Rules vs. Pool for Fun
Closing the Open Table
Number of Shots to Play the 8Ball
Hitting the 8-Ball

9-Ball Pool Questions

Call Shot in 9-Ball Pool
9-Ball Rules Clarifications
Re-spotting the 9Ball
Racking the Balls in Women Pro Games
No Rail and Jawed Balls

General Pool Rules Questions

Free Ball Rule in Pool Games
Pool Tournaments Question
Cutthroat Pool Rules
Marking Tables
Pool Tournaments Rules
Hitting Ball with the Rack
Moving Balls Accidentally
Pro Player in an Amateur Tournament
Jumping Balls in Pool

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