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Online Pool Articles

Play89 Pool Site

Play89 pool room - playing 8ball and 9ball pool games online.

Yahoo Pool Tips

Yahoo pool tips - the best way to play pool on the most popular pool room online.

9-Ball Pool Articles

9-ball Pool Tournaments

9-ball pool tournaments worldwide - all about the most significant 9-ball tournaments in the world.

9-ball and Other Pool Games

Pool games that every 9-ball pool player would be interested in.

How to Avoid Being Hustled in 9-Ball Pool

9-ball pool tips - how to avoid being hustled when playing 9-ball pool.

Billiards and Snooker Articles

Women in Billiard

Women in billiard - since early history of billiards until our days.

History of the Snooker Game

The history of the snooker game from the end of the 19th century to our computerized days.

Billiards Balls History

Billiards balls history and progression from the early days of the game until our days.

Carom Billiards Games

Introduction to the less familiar type of billiards game - carom billiards.

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