Play89 Pool Site

Play89 is one of the newest pool rooms in the internet billiard world. has been online since April 2007 and it has recently added an online 9-ball pool game. Play89 pool room draws both recreational players who enjoy playing online pool for fun as well as serious players who play online pool for real money.

Play89 Pool Getting Started

To play online pool on play89, you'll need to download and install play89 pool software. Play89 software is freeware and it requires operating system that runs Windows XP or Vista. Play89 platform is available in more than 15 languages. After opening a new player's account you'll be asked to choose between playing for fun money or for real money. Note that regardless to your choice, you can earn free $2 bonus once you download play89 pool software and fill in your email address.

How to Play

Play89 pool platform is fairly easy to use. Once you've entered the lobby, you may join an existing game table, creating a new one, or choose the training mode, whereby you'll be competing against the computer.

To rotate the cue stick around the cue ball you'll need to hold the left mouse button. To pull back the cue stick you hold the right mouse button and to shoot you release your press. In play89 pool software, you can control the power of your shots and to apply English (side shots).

Play89 Pool Games

Play89 features two of the most popular pool games in the world: and . Play89 pool games' rules are based on the official BCA pool rules with some inevitable changes to fit online pool.

Play89 Pool Tournaments

On top of play89 pool games, there are several types of online pool tournaments, whereby players can compete against relatively large number of contestants and win larger cash prizes. Play89 pool tournaments include sit n' go and event tournaments.

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