Paul Hunter

Paul Hunter is one of the greatest misses of the snooker world. Paul Hunter might have been a World Snooker Champion if he didn't died of cancer shortly just before his 28th birthday. However, he did manage to be ranked at no. 4, win in dozens of snooker and gain the respect of his colleagues and the fans, and to receive the nickname "Beckham of the Baize".


Paul Hunter was born in 1978 and grew up in Leeds, England. He had entered the world of professional snooker when he was only 16 years old. His grand entrance included an unforgettable 9-4 victory over the veteran snooker player Alan McManus at the 1995 UK Championship.

Snooker Achievements

Hunter's first ranking tournament win was the 1 998 Regal Welsh Open, where he shook the professional snooker circle by defeating 7 of the world's top snooker players on his way to the victory. Other major wins include the 2001 Benson & Hedges Masters and the 2002 British Open. Nevertheless, the pinnacle of his brief snooker career was probably his win over Ronnie O'sullivan at the final match at the 2004 Masers.

By that time, Paul Hunter has become a rising star in the snooker world. He was ranked number 4, his colleagues spoke greatly of his sportsmanship and his televised matches drew more viewers than any other snooker event.

Illness and Death

At the beginning of 2005, Paul Hunter was diagnosed with stomach cancer. The chemotherapy treatment and his constant pains didn't stop him from playing snooker. He took part in several snooker tournaments but won only in one match.

Paul Hunter died in October 2006. The entire professional snooker community mourned him. He was later chosen as the BBC Sports Personality of the Year and many of his snooker fellows suggest naming The Masters trophy after him.

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