John Higgins

2007 has been a good year for the snooker player John Higgins. He did not only climbed (for the third time) to the top of the ranking list, but he also gained his second World Snooker Championship, 9 years after his first one. The 32 years old Scottish snooker player, is currently (as for 2007) the best player in the world.

Earlier this year, 2007 didn't look so promising for John Higgins. After losing 5-3 to Andrew Higginson at the Welsh Open, reclaiming the World Snooker Championship couldn't look further. Eventually, the Wizard of Wishaw got his grip together for an 18-13 triumph over Mark Selby as well as a chubby �220,000 cheque.

John Higgins and Alex Higgins

Though John Higgins is not related to the Irish snooker player Alex Higgins, both world snooker champions share more than a surname and profession. Both of them are two-times world championships who had to wait a rather long period of time (7-10 years) before reclaiming their second title.

John Higgins Snooker Career

Since 1992, the year that marks the beginning of John Higgins snooker career, several achievements have been added to his account.

  • John Higgins won in 3 ranking snooker tournaments during one season before turning 20.
  • He accumulated more than 357 century breaks in competitive events; five of them were 147 breaks and two of them were in consecutive snooker matches
  • Altogether, Higgins accumulated 27 tournament wins including 18 ranking tournaments.
  • Translated into cash, John Higgins had earned almost 4.3 million pounds since the beginning of his snooker career.

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