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I had recently witnessed an odd situation in an 8 ball pool tournament, whereby the breaker had ran the table down to the 8-ball and missed it, leaving it hanging in the side pocket. The incoming player then ran out his balls and stood up, but right before he took aim, the 8-ball fell into the side pocket. The game was called in his favor. . The way I read the BCA rules, 3.31 BALLS MOVING SPONTANEOUSLY, the eight ball should have been brought back up and set up at it's spot and then the second shooter should have had the chance to pocket the 8-ball.

How do you think the situation should have been handled?


I agree with your reading of the BCA rules. Yet, you must bear in mind that not all tournaments follow BCA rules, and some pool tournaments are played according to the rules variations of the WPA, IPT and other pool organizations.

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