General Pool Q&A; No. 3

Cutthroat Pool Rules Clarification



I was recently playing Cutthroat and the guy I was playing with said that in Cutthroat, if the cue ball hits 3 cushions and no object ball that it is not a foul. After researching yoru website I came to the conclusion that I was right and he was wrong. I saw it in General Rule 3.18.

What do you think?

Your answer is very important to me, I'm sure I'll meet this guy sooner or later on the pool table.

Thanks alot, Eddie


You were right. Cutthroat, as any other pool game, is played according to General Rules of Pocket Billiards, unless the specific game rules contradict them. Anyway, in Cutthroat pool, the legal shot rules are not differnet from the general rules and they require the shooter to first hit an object ball and only then to hit 3 cushions without pocketing any object ball.

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