Eirian Williams � Snooker Referee Story

Eirian Williams is probably the most famous snooker referee in the world. Williams had served as a snooker referee in (almost) each and every final event in all the most important snooker tournaments since 1991. Williams referred at the unforgettable 2001 World Snooker Championship whereby young Ronnie O'Sullivan outplayed John Higgins.

Eirian Williams Snooker Career

Before entering into the world of snooker referring, Eirian Williams served as a police officer in Llanelli, Wales for 18 years. The amateur pool player, who plays in a local pool league, Eirian Williams made the transition to the world of snooker and became a professional snooker referee and an examiner.

As a snooker referee who has referred in all the most notable events during the past two decades, Eirian Williams has witnessed some of the greatest moments in snooker history. For example:

Williams' 1st Televised Match

Eirian Williams first televised snooker match was in 1995 featuring Billy Snaddon and . The result was another winning to White and a series of televised snooker matches to Williams.

Peak of Williams Snooker Career

The peak of Eirian Williams career as a snooker referee took place in 2001 when he got to referee at the final event of the World Snooker Championship. In this event, Ronnie O'Sullivan claimed his first World Championship title (out of two), after beating John Higgins 18-14.

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