Allison Fisher

Allison Fisher was ranked the number 1 woman snooker player for a whole decade. At some point, she even managed to make it into the male snooker players ranking. In 1995, the English snooker player known as the Duchess of Doom left the male dominant English snooker circle and moved to the US to take over the professional world.

Allison Fisher's Snooker Career

Allison Fisher began playing snooker as a teenager. She became the World Snooker Championship when she was 17. Since then, she took 10 more world titles on top of winning in about 70 more major snooker tournaments. Allison Fisher snooker career flourished when the popularity of snooker in England was at its peak and Fisher became a household name.

Despite her unprecedented success, which included entrance to male ranking as well as a series of victories over some of the era's top male and female snooker players, Fisher felt she was under appreciated comparing to her men colleagues. Therefore, she left her homeland, resigned of playing snooker and flew to the US to launch a new career in a different cue sports game � 9-ball pool.

Allison Fisher the 9-Ball Pool Player

Allison Fisher transition from to American 9-ball pool was a smart career move. On her second pool tournament, the 1995 WPBA Orlando Classic she won the title and continued winning in dozens of other tours including 4 World Championships. Her popularity didn't decreased and as for 2005 she had earned more than any other pro player, male and female.

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