9-Ball Pool Rules Clarification

Re-Spotting the 9-Ball


To whom it may concern...

Here is my question:

The lowest numbered ball on the table is 4-ball, which is located near the side pocket, while the 5-ball is about 7 inches from bottom pocket and the 9-ball 9 is about 3 inches below the 5-ball, which could create a perfect combination. My partner is hooked, and there is no way he could have hit the 4-ball, so if I get a ball in hand, I could have easily pocket the 4-ball then make a combination shot to pocket the 9-ball. However, my partner has decided to pocket the 9-ball and put it back on the bottom spot.

I said he couldn't put back the 9-ball on the bottom spot, but he argued that he could. Do we have to put the 9-ball at the original place or put it back on the bottom spot?



According to 9ball pool rules, if the 9-ball has been pocketed on a foul, (which is what happened in your case, if I understand you correctly), it is re-spotted.

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