9-Ball Pool Q&A; No. 1

Call Shot in 9-Ball Pool



Last night me and my buddies were playing 9-ball. For it me it was the first time, but I did watch some 9-ball tourneys on TV and as I recall they do call a pocket. My friend says that you don't have to call a pocket in 9-ball, the pool hall manager says it's an optional rule in 9-ball. Who's right?

Thanks, Guy


Hi Guy,

In fact, all three of you are right. Officially, 9-ball is not a call shot game therefore, calling a pocket is not necessary. Yet, it is common, mainly on 9-ball tournaments broadcast on TV, to call a pocket when playing the 9-ball. And since the TV has so much influence on our lives, the optional rule is commonly used in friendly 9-ball games.

To summarize, it is possible, though not necessary, to call a pocket in 9-ball. However, it is always advisable to clarify and agree on the rules in advance.

Have Fun!

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