9-Ball Pool Tournaments

There are not any other pool games that centers so many tournaments such as 9-ball. Every pool-billiard governing body as well as each local billiard club worldwide hosts a 9-ball tournament of its own.

You may have noticed that the most important and exciting professional pool tournaments are 9-ball pool tournaments. Mainly due to its photogenic , 9-ball is a popular spectators sport as well.

So, which 9-ball tournaments should you watch out for? Check out this review of the most important 9-ball pool tournaments in the world.

US Open 9-Ball Championship

For over 3o years, the US Open 9-ball has being the highest expectation of every 9-ball pool player in the world. The list of US Open winners include some of the biggest names in pro pool including Steve Mizerak, Mike Sigel (who won in three championships, one of them when he was only 21 years old), Earl Strickland (who won in five championships), Efren Reyes and more.

The 32nd US open 9-ball pool championship is scheduled to October 2007. The 9-ball pool tournament will take place at the Chesapeake Conference Center, in Virginia with 256 players and 1,000 spectators.

2003 US Open 9-ball Championship - Francisco Bustamante Vs. Efren Reyes

World Pool Championship

Governed by the World Pool-Billiard Association, the World Pool Championship also known as the WPA World 9-ball Championship, is one of the largest professional 9-ball competitions in the world. Running since 1990, the annual 9-ball championship is broadcast on ESPN sports channel since 1999, where it attracts millions of spectators from around the globe.

The highest ranked 9-ball pool player in the history of the championship is, again, three times champion and two times second finalist, Earl Stickland, with total of 17 points. The 2007 WPC will be held in Manila, Philippines for the second year in a row in November 2007.

2006 World Pool Championship Final Game - Alcano vs. Souquet

BCA Pro 9-Ball Championship

The Billiard Congress of America hosts a professional 9-ball tournament of its own. Broadcast on TV since 1999, the men's division final event attracts an average 29% viewers rating, and the number of viewers doubles when it comes to the airing of the women's division 9-ball championship main event.

The 2007 BCA Pro 9-ball championship was held last May in Las Vegas. In the women's division, three times 9-ball champion Karen Corr won her fourth title after outplaying Allison Fisher. About the same time, Dennis Orcollo and Shane Van Boening were battling for the World Championship title. Orcollo took the championship, along with the $15,000 grand prize.

Mosconi Cup

The 9-ball pool tournament named after the legendary pool player Willie Mosconi, hosts yearly contests between he American and the European 9-ball team. Both teams consist of the top pool players. Past participants in the Mosconi Cup games include names such as (again) Earl Stickland, , to name but a few. The 2007 Mosconi Cup will take place in Las Vegas at the end of the year.

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