9 Ball and Similar Pool Games

9 ball pool is the favorite game of many professional and recreational pool players. The object of 9 ball pool is to sink the 9-ball to a pocket while hitting the lowest numbered ball on the table. In 9 ball, for example, you can hit the 1-ball on the opening break shot, which in its turn will send the 9-ball to a pocket and then win the game.

If you enjoy playing 9 ball pool, whether in your favorite online pool room or at your local pool hall, you will probably enjoy playing the pool games described below.

10 Ball Pool

10 ball is a pool game very similar to 9 ball. However, if you pocket the 10-ball while there are still other balls on the table, the game is not over yet. Instead, the 10-ball will be put back on the table and the players will continue scoring points by pocketing the red and the colored balls alternately according to the specific rules of the pool game.

3 Ball Pool

The pool games 3 ball and 7 ball are mostly popular as training games for games such as , 9 ball and others. 3 ball pool is a good practice for your shot making skill. The object of the game is to pocket all three object balls within fewer shots as possible. Unlike in 8 ball and 9 ball pool, more than 2 players can participate in a single 3 ball pool match. Additionally, each player's turn continues until he is done pocketing the object balls.

7 Ball Pool

7 ball is like 9 ball pool with a twist. Like 9 ball, 7 ball is a rotation game whereby each shot targets the lowest numbered object ball on the table. Unlike in 9 ball, the 7-ball can be pocketed only into a called pocket. In other words, the player who intends to pocket the 7-ball has to choose a certain pocket before making the stroke. In addition, each player is allowed to play one safety shot on each game (that should be declared in advance).

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