Frozen Balls in 8Ball


Dear Webmaster,

I have been reading thoroughly the rules of pool on you website, and a question that was raised at our local pub does not seem to be specifically answered, so I will ask for your help.

In 8-Ball, if the cue ball is frozen against a legal object ball of the player, is that considered legal contact, and thus the player would be able to shoot away from the ball without contacting any other of his numbered balls? Or is it not considered contact, and thus the player must either legally drive the frozen ball or some other numbered ball?

Thank you so much for your help with this. We play a weekly tournament and would like to be clear on all of the rules.

Best Regards,

Jimmy C.


Dear Jimmy,

Since 8-ball rules do not define this situation, the General Rules of Pocket Billiards apply. According to general pool rules, when an object ball is frozen to a cushion or the cue ball, the shot must end with any of these circumstances: pocketing of that ball, a contact between the cushion and the cue ball, contact of the frozen ball and a cushion or contact between a differnet object ball and a cushion other than the one it was attached to.

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