8-Ball Pool Q&A; No. 2

Jumped Balls when Playing the 8-Ball


I'm playing the 8-ball and my opponent still has one object ball on the table� I take a shot on the 8-ball... My friend ball goes in off the 8-ball, which in turn knocks the cue ball off the table�

I don't see any rules that specifically cover this occurrence. All I know is that it is a foul when the cue ball jumps off the table when both of us are playing the 8-ball. We've been told that we should've spotted the cue ball and continue playing, since my opponent still had one object on the table before all of this had happened.

Can you please answer this? My friend thinks I'm making up rules�

Smith & Jones


Hi guys,

Tough one� you almost got me confused

Anyways, according to BCA general rules, "�when a stroke results in the cue ball or any object ball being a jumped ball off the table, the stroke is a foul. All jumped object balls are spotted ..." Specifically in 8-Ball, "� If any object ball is jumped off the table, it is a foul and loss of turn� Any jumped object balls are not re-spotted."

Good Luck!

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