8-Ball Pool Q&A; No. 1

Scratch When Playing the 8-Ball


I was playing the 8-ball, hoping to win. So the 8-ball drops into the pocket and then scratch. Do I lose the game?

Thanks a lot, Jason


Hi, Jason

Sorry to be one who tell so you this, but yes, you lose the game. As you can see in the official 8-ball pool rules, a player loses the game if fouls when pocketing the 8-ball, and scratch is a foul�


Hi, can you tell me who wins? Only two balls are left on the table: whitey and the black ball. The shot is taken and the two balls fall into the pocket first the white and then the black. Who wins?


The correct question should be who loses� According to 8-ball rules, you don't lose if you scratch when playing the 8-ball (black ball) as long as the 8-ball is not pocketed. If you foul when pocketing the 8-ball � you lose the game.

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