Pool Rules can vary from one pool hall to another, but the pool rules described here are the official rules goverened by the Billiard Congress of America. However, a player must demonstrate his or her good sportsmanship not only by following rules but by following pool table etiquette as well.

You can always enjoy a pool game if both parties are playing fair, honest, and straightforward. Always be honest about your shots, fouls (mainly unseen fouls), or any other disputable plays. To avoid disputes, you should call your shot before it takes place.

Be courteous to other pool players. Do not try to distract an opponent while they are trying to take a shot, remain quiet and respect your opponents turn.

If a table has a set of house pool rules, one should abide by them. So, do not make up rules after the pool game has begun. If any rules are questionable, bring them up before the game has begun.

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Avoid sitting on the pool tables and always be aware of your surrounding players; A player may get upset if he or she misses a shot because of ones unobservant clumsiness.

Do not place your drink on or near the pool table. If a drink spills it can ruin the pool table cloth. Chalk can also ruin the pool table cloth. If a glove is not used, one should try to keep his or her chalk usage to a minimum. One should neither bend nor contort the pool sticks into any unnatural shapes. If you own a pool table, we can recommend very professional pool table movers

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One should not hold the pool stick behind the head. Not only does one risk the chance of hitting a passerby, but also one takes the chance of bending the pool stick. Do not bounce or throw the pool balls onto the table. opap play The pool balls can break and the pool table has the possibility of acquiring a permanent indention.

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